Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Front of House
The winner of the week at Lake Burton is Debra Dees.

The winner of the sunrise balloon ride with pilot David Bristol is Lois Toryk.

The winner of the iPad is Jill Walker
Kindle Video
The winner of the Kindle is Ali Padilla

Congratulations to all the winners and an enormous thank you to everyone that participated. 

The winners may contact us at to claim your prizes.

Friday, May 20, 2011

iPad, Kindle, Vacation, Balloon Rides - Oh My!

WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited to add: We are so close.....less than $500 to go!!!  We've extended the deadline till 6/21 since we have not reached the goal. If you have not given, please do, if you have given would you please spread the word so we'll get the extra push to make it to $10k.  Thanks so much! 
Haley's Support Crew

The Scott's are very proud people and have not asked for anything except prayers for Haley.  However, as you can imagine the medical bills are overwhelming, as well as, the day to day cost for the family staying with her at the hospital.  We've been racking our brains for a way to help Terry, Donna and Haley.  Finally we have come up with a plan to help that we can manage and we were able to secure permission from the family to do so.  From now until June 20, we'll be collecting donations via Pay Pal and snail mail to help them.  On June 20, we'll be hosting a giveaway for everyone who has made a donation. And we've chosen four things that *we* would most want to have, and thought you would like, too:

One week (6 nights - 7 days) in the mountains at a lake house at fabulous Lake Burton, Georgia.  (Value $1,300.00) Here is the link
 for details.
Front of HouseFront of House

David Bristol has generously donated one sunrise balloon ride for two in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains. (value $699.00)

One 16GB iPad2 wifi only. (Value $499.00)

One Kindle 3G Wireless. (Value $189.00)
Kindle Video

P.S. All donations go directly to the Scott family.
Cards will be presented to the Terry, Donna & Haley with every donor's name.

No purchase is necessary. Winners of the lake home vacation and balloon ride will need to be reserved and used by 12/10/2011.  Balloon riders must be 12 years or older and accompanied by an adult 21 or older.  Winners of the iPad and Kindle will receive items directly from the manufacturer.

Haley's Heroes are listed in the post below. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Haley's Heroes

A huge thank you to all that have donated to Haley's Miracles thus far.  Thank you so much for helping a wonderful family that is helping their child. I am honored to live in a community that cares and gives back to others.  Grateful, as well, for the people (at least 16 of you below) that have given not even knowing this family but feeling called to help.  You are all AMAZING!!!!

Haley's Heroes:

Donna Barnes
Kim Piatt
Kelley Ferrand (Florida)
Justine Kruz (Canada)
Penny Banks
Cindy Hogsed
Teri Martin
Theresa Stone
KK Medlock
Carol McManus
Lisa Johnson
Mary Tatum
Lisa Amos
Sandy Foster
Paul Johnson
Kellye Riggins
Elizabeth Schoeneck
Karen Rockey
David Bristol
John & Linda Skinkle
Vera Howell
Heather Oliver
Hazel Cording
Anne Marie Wingate
Ronny Bass
Nadine Edge
Jennifer Hawkins
Patricia Cocklin
Dolores Wilson
Alison Brewer
Ronica Bishop
Gladys Simmons
Shelly Bydlinski
Patsy Waldron
Lynn Tench
Megan Terry (Kentucky)
Hope Hawkins
Corey Waters (New Hampshire)
Nancy Thompson
Karen & Joe Robinson
Wanda Yeargin
Karen, Stanley, Kyle Kasey and Cody Brown
Chris Burnette
Amanda Craven
Maryanne Grimes
Megan Green
Donna Gunter
Mary Bryan
Angelita Greene
Charles Connor
Laura Raiman
Kristen Buoy
Pamela Novick
Jill Landtroop
Joan Tullis
Charles Corvin
Susan Stukas (South Carolina)
Gloria Sill
Lucy Anne Tillett
Lori Thrower
Carol Carr Adams
Lois Toryk
Anne, Greg & Levi Thompson
Laura Decker
Karen Hamrick
Barbara King
Robert Wimmer
Liana Welborn
Michael Shaddix
Joi Huff Campbell
Monica Welborn
Lori Gough
Grace Lyon
Mandy Wilson
Jessica & Sherril Huntington
Susan Turpin
Ali Padilla
Stella Price
Shari Teague
Norma Garza
Becky Jones
Jeannie Collins
Beth Shore
Laura Peeples
Melinda Wallace
Jan Otter
Janet Fordyce
Erna & Hal Dowdy
Brittany Carmical
Stephanie Shubert
Yvonne Mote
Dora Lucas
Betty Dominy
Rhonda Ford
Peggy Britt
Mark McCain
Jimmy & Linda Mullinax
James Markham
Kim Henry
Selina White
Michael Hoglen
Terry Stone
Sheila Kisner
Lisa Majors
Jennifer Ayers
Desi Barrett
Rhonda Andrews
Stephanie Cogbill
Vickilyn Holbrooks
Marvin Lee
Great Scott Sauces, Inc.
Aedin Oren
Therese Morrison
Georgann Eaton
Bill & Sheila Thomason
Liana Welborn & Family
Tammy Ayers
Tammy Halbrook
Stan Underwood
Rena Brown
Vivian Stranahan
Herbert Head
David Rineheart
Megan Terry (Kentucky)
Jim & Carol Self
Penny Young
Debra Dees
Fletcher Moore
Paula Everett-Truppi
Deanna Simmons
Jessica Blake
Terri Wood
Susan McKenzie
Kim Smith
Margie Holbrook
Christine Kirkwood
Rebecca Malmquist
Loretta Culbreth
Carol Bernhardt
Kevin Callahan
Allison Johnson
Bobby & Melissa Elliott
Jennifer Boydstun
David Alewine
Sharon Blalock
Mitzi Moorhead
Jenni Mallard
Niki & Andrew Ross
Kristie Martin
Nancy Martin
Jill Maxwell
Reynolds Waldron
Katrina Pilgrim Mintz
Cory Everett
Cory Everett
Lauren & Cindy Allen
Cassidy Elliott (daughter of Bobby & Melissa Elliott, age 9)
Janice Hackett
Mike & Diane Phillips
Susan Johnson
Renee Hughes
Sue B. Rhoden
Stan & Marisa Whittington
Laynie Williams (Texas)
Robin Wikle
Marianne Anderson
Elizabeth Elger
Cindy Murphy
Kyana Morton (North Carolina)
Sarah Smith
Pat Norton
Audrey Kelly
Keith Chaney
Kimberly Mohr
Skip Brown
James & Terri Morris
Cathy Kastner
Trey & Sandy Futch
Bill & Stacey Lorraine
Johnnie Collier
Anne Marie Keskonis
Angie Rylee
Kathleen Pourchier
Sherri Cook
Cariedda Thompson
Teresa Meister
Linda Mather
Robin Armour
William McKenzie
Janet Brooks
Nila Dunehew
Brenda Anderson
Jill Miracle
Lee Miller
BJ Morris
Melissa Walker
Kathleen LaPaglia
Bruce & Judy Forbes
Cory Everett
Angela Stinespring
Allen Smith
Kathryn Sanders
Mary Whisenant
Anna Meacham
Debra Gallion
Fran Boyd
Shannon Romano
Patti Reed
John Elger
Easton Singleton
PresLee Hix
Linda Collis
Christine Florky
Tricia Hise
Barbara & Kevin King
Kelli Wills
Doug Kasemeier
Jill Walker
Sara Alice Tucker
Alice Harper
Teri Martin
Robbie Cook
Vickie Harrison
James Gill
LaDonna Meaders
Jennifer Hart
Cory Everett
Megan Terry
Dorothea Wentworth
Patricia Prather
Tammy Caudell
Martha Bristol
Kenneth Law
Carol Nichols
Bonita Knapp
Kristie Winkler
Garet Beyer
Amanda Cantrell
Amanda Thompson
Emily Bailey
Donna Andrews
Stephanie Ralston
Linda Powell
C.D. Taylor
Jim Hall
Bridget Connor
Stephen & Susan Bearse